Grocer, These Dates Are Bad

Submitted by Hannah:

A grocery store may not seem like a choice place for a first date, but that's just where Jack took me.  He told me that he had nothing in his house and had to go shopping.  I told him that I could have waited and met up with him after his shopping trip, but he said that it wouldn't be long, so we went grocery shopping.

I tried to make the best of it, and even have some fun, but he was very serious the whole time.  I'd pick up some bread from the day-old rack and say, "How about some day-old bread?" and he'd push it away.  "I don't eat day-old bread," he said.

"What about this one here?" I asked.  I took a loaf from the bottom shelf.  "This one looks about two days old."

When I looked up from the shelf, he was already halfway down the aisle.  I caught up with him and asked him what I could do to make the trip go faster.

"Just let me do my shopping," he said.  I thought this was harsh, but I also wondered if he was kidding.  Turns out that he wasn't.

After we were done at the store, we went back to his house.  I helped him bring his groceries inside.  He didn't thank me.

All at once, he said, "Where's the cocktail sauce?  God damn it!  We forgot cocktail sauce!"

He was scaring me, and I didn't say anything.  He said, "We have to go back."

I told him that I was just going to go.  He asked, "What's your problem?" but I was done with him.


  1. The trip to the grocery store so a guy could cook for me I would have no problem with. The snappy rudeness would be an issue.

    Sorry 'bout your luck. :o(

  2. Even though the whole grocery store thing to start a first date is weird, it's a perfect place to actually be disarming and have some fun.

    Not sure what that guy's problem was though...but he doesn't sound like a keeper.

  3. Guys who get angry are weak.

  4. What an entitled dipshit. She carried his groceries in and no acknowledgement or thanks?


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