A Date at the Grindhouse

Submitted by Jennifer:

I was on a first date at a dance club when the guy I was with would not stop grinding against me.

"Please stop.  Seriously.  Stop," I said to him, but he kept on pressing himself close.  I would keep moving further away, but he wouldn't stop.

Finally, I very, very gingerly pushed him off, and he slapped my arms away and pressed himself up again.  At that, I walked off the dance floor and sat down at a table.  I probably should have stormed out then and there.

He found me a few minutes later and sat down with me.  "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Are you psycho?  You grind up against me after I tell you to stop a hundred times, and then you shove my hands away?"

"You pushed me."

"I pressed you away from me!  I told you that I didn't like what you were doing!"

He shrugged and asked, "Why are we on a date, then?  I mean, would you rather I took you to church or something?"

That's when I picked up my things and left.  He followed me out with protests and threats, but we had driven there separately, and so he had nothing to do but stomp and scream.


  1. your freak magnet is strong.
    next time, a anti-static cling spray may be in order.
    Or Mace, whichever is closer.

  2. Savage Love had a column with a similar unsolicited grinder who would not take no for an answer - (sep 25 2008) great advice included a firm no, then leave, as you did, and finally "do all women everywhere a favor and kick him in the nuts".

  3. You know when you've been frotted.

  4. You went on a first date to a dance club? And you are complaining that he was grinding on you hmmm....

  5. ^ Really? Just because they went on a date at a dance club does not give him the right to violate her boundaries.


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