Scarfing it Way Down

Suzanne and I were wrestling, playfully, on the floor.  I picked up her scarf, a pretty, handmade thing, and cackled.  "Ha ha ha!  Your scarf is all mine!"

She asked me, "Do you like the scarf more than you like me?"

Kidding around, I made as if to think for a moment, then nodded, clutching the scarf to my chest.

Then, Suzanne became very, very quiet.  She gave me a dark look, as if I had told her that she had a minute to live.

She said, "That hurt."

I smiled and tapped her nose, but she clearly was not playing around any longer.  She started crying.

Well, I turned off the lights, held her, and went to sleep.

So I kicked her to the curb.  However, her scarf and I married and had three kids.


  1. This makes me feel all warm

  2. Thanks for taking that psycho off the market.

  3. You sound fun, JMG. Sorry some people don't think so!

  4. That's a false statement, but I've learned not to take acrimonious, jealous cowards seriously, or to waste more than a sentence or two responding to them.

  5. Ho Chin Wriggler10/14/2009 7:57 AM

    The developments in the so called "tard porn" industry are very heartening in these times when so many disabled people are out of work. As an engineer working with disabled people on numerous sexual aids (a vibrator controlled by a breathing tube for instance), I also feel that I am a spokesman for this burgeouning industry.

    Truly we live in an enlightened age where young heroes laid low can lay erect and satisfied thanks to advances in society and technology.

  6. Did you end up "necking' with the scarf?

  7. "However, her scarf and I married and had three kids."


    And standing applause for you for that reply to fd.

  8. Anida - I know i'm a little late but just wanted to say you have weak humor if you think fd's comment was remotely funny.

    That aside emotional females are the reason there will never be a female President. just saying.

    1. Just saying what - that you're bitter towards women or something?

    2. I get the feeling random-numbers-and-letters is a woman. But not one of the good ones... one of the ones that are a reason there will never be a female president.

    3. Maybe you guys meant "Republican" female president. Which totally makes sense.


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