Breakup at the Disco

Submitted by Erin:

Marc and I had been dating for about a month when we attended a Fall Out Boy concert with some mutual friends. We arrived while the opener, Panic at the Disco, was playing, and we all eagerly made our way to the front of the room.

All of a sudden, a mosh pit formed right where we were standing. Marc looked at me, a 5’2”, 110-pound female, and started jumping against me. Next thing I knew, Marc was gone and I was in the middle of this pit, which was nowhere near where I wanted to be.

I was really bummed at this point that Marc left me to fend for myself but I didn’t want to ruin the day so I started enjoying the show. I made some new friends and ended up with a black eye from the mosh pit, but had a much better time than I would have had if Marc had been around.

After the show, I found my friends and Marc. He asked me how I liked it (this was before Fall Out Boy was popular) and how in the world I got a black eye. All I could say was, “The show was great. Thanks for paying for my ticket.”

We broke up right after that.


  1. You got a black eye in a Panic at the Disco 'pit'? You must bruise like ripe fruit.

    Also, I like how you had to add, "this was before they were popular" as if A) that's true or B) that matters.

  2. Fall Out Boy. Panic At The Disco. Wow, kids have the worst taste in music these days.

  3. The two people above me are funny. You guys made my night.

  4. Your first mistake was going to a gig with the gayest line up ever.

  5. Your second mistake was forgetting the "!" in Panic's name. Now they're at home, reading this on the Internet and crying. Everyone knows that guyliner runs!! For shame.

  6. Panic at the Disco didn't even exist until Fall Out Boy were really popular, so you can stop trying to be really cool and edgy, because you're not.
    And how can you get a black eye in a Panic at the Disco pit? The entire pit is filled with preteen girls.

  7. WTF? Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco. I knew this was going to be a lame story by that intro alone.....AND you got a black eye in the pit? You would not survive a nanosecond at some of the concerts I've been to (back in the day, you know before you were out of diapers, the pit at a Pantera concert looked like the Marines invading Iraq...needless I drank my beer far away....)

  8. These comments just drip with irony.

  9. Wtf? Mosh-pit at a wimpy concert like that? Fail.

  10. Also, you can't really control what happens in a mosh pit. My ex and I were at Type O Negative and were in the midst of a mosh pit and got separated. She didn't cry about it, neither did I, we just had a good time (and broke up months later, non-related to the mosh incident).

  11. Are you sure it was non-related? maybe Peter Steele seduced her?

  12. Wow, you come across as really nasty in this story. Sure, he lost you in the mosh pit, big deal.


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