Don't Buy the Soundtrack

Submitted by Justin:

Kim showed up to the restaurant with her headphones in her ears.  She seemed capable of maintaining a conversation, but she didn't remove them even when we sat down.

At last I asked her, "Listening to something good?"

She said, "I'm listening to my friend's music.  He wanted me to give it a listen and give him my opinion on it, but don't worry.  I can still pay attention to you."

Gee, thanks.  I asked her, "How can you concentrate on both at the same time?"

She said, "I just can.  Trust me."

She kept the headphones in for the entire dinner, which bothered me, as she seemed distracted the entire time.  It made me wonder how important I'd be in her life if this is how she showed up to a first date.

I took the initiative and decided that she wouldn't be very important in mine, as I didn't ask her out again.


  1. Woman are good at multi-tasking. Kinda rude for a first date, yes, but still, I hope you actually made some effort too and didnt just write her off straight away!

  2. I bet you paid for the dinner.

    Sucker, you just fed someones girlfriend.

  3. How rude! I bet this woman blabs on her cell phone when she's in a checkout line! And talks during movies! Some people have no class and don't care about anyone around them. I would have walked out on that date.

  4. thats pretty bad...but nothing is worse than when someone is constantly txting when you are trying to have a conversetion.


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