Thank You, May I Not Have Another?

Submitted by Mina:

Brad, who was a law student, messaged me online, and then made it seem like he was doing me the biggest favor by meeting up with me.

I wrote to him, "If you're too busy then don't worry about it."

He wrote back, "I suppose I will fit you in, despite having close to 100 hours of work to do this week."

Maybe he was just joking. After all, it's hard to figure out tone of voice online. Then again, his messages contained a lot of similar statements.

When we met up, I learned a lot about his favorite subject: himself. In fact, he told me more of his life story in two and a half hours than I think I would have told him in two and a half years. He didn't ask me a thing about myself, and when I volunteered information, he would find a way to bend it back to himself.

I said, "I visited India, too. I spent a month backpacking up and down."

He'd reply, "I may get involved with social justice work in India. One of my professors may get me an internship with a nonprofit over there..."

I'm all for learning about other people, but I like it when they also want to know more about me. This guy just wasn't interested.

We went out separate ways, and I figured that I wouldn't be hearing from him again. After all, I must have come across as boring and dull compared to his own fascinating life.

Three days later, an e-mail from him arrived. He wrote, "You have proven yourself worthy of a second date."

No thank you.


  1. well, if he keeps treating women that way, he will get to spend time with his favourite person more often: himself.

  2. Heheh! Well said!

  3. Ha! Did he think you were auditioning to be his girlfriend?

    1. Well, in a way, that's what a date is. But in that same sense, he was also auditioning to be her boyfriend. Clearly he failed. :)

  4. Sounds like the only reason you went out with him is because he is a law student, sweetie wants her a lawyer for breakfast. Sounds to me like he identified you as a gold digging cunt, and only mentioned the "non-profit" to turn you off. Are you whores so out of tune you cannnot recognize when you have been outed?

  5. Easy reply: "You haven't."

  6. 7:26 has mummy issues.

  7. Ohhhh, anonymous #4. Were you mad when she didn't accept your gracious offer for a second date? Did you hold your little wang and cry while drinking a bottle of Jack? It's okay, sweetie. She'll rue the day she ever left you.

  8. I think the anon has deeper issues with women and money, namely that many women will reject a man because of his personality even if he has cash and thinks he can buy a relationship with it. There is no indication that she is looking for money, in fact if she was, she would have accepted a second date. Lawyers and doctors don't attract women as a given anymore. I earn more than my successful attorney husband (thank you, MBA) and his potential paycheck was never the reason ingot together with him...I can buy my own diamonds. This must be a hard pill to swallow for many entitled men, since I commonly hear "it didn't work out because she wanted my money" from my husband's peers even though that is rarely the case, just a convenient excuse.

  9. That reminds me of a date I went on.....

  10. Was his last name Shrute?


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