The Problem with an Honest Guy

Submitted by Vicky:

Ben practically inhaled his hummus wrap and then seemed upset that I hadn't finished my dinner in the same less-than-a-minute time.

I asked him what the hurry was, and he said, "I have work early tomorrow, and I want to maximize our bedroom time."

On the plus side, he offered to drive me home.


  1. He rushed his hummus to get maximum hummers from you.

  2. ok... and then?

  3. ...after he slept with you??

  4. LOL. I'm sorry. I know it wasn't funny at the time but its hilariaous now!!!

  5. I love a date story that's told in 3 sentences. Let's have more of these and less that read like a screenplay for a Woody Allen movie.

  6. So did you sleep with him?

  7. Probably slept with the guy. It still counts as a bad date right?

    lol... women.


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