Once a Cheater...

Submitted by Chris:

Elizabeth and I were bowling and drinking a few beers.  She kept the score.  She won the first set and I challenged her to a rematch.

Astoundingly, I bowled two strikes in a row and she still barely beat me.

Or so she said.

I looked at the scorecard and it all added up.  Still, something wasn't right.  I challenged her to a third and final match, but she wasn't into the idea.  The more I went over it in my head, the more I wondered if she had messed with the tallies.  Still, I just didn't remember how she actually did in each set, so I had nothing to call her on.

The next time we went out, we did mini-golf.  This time, I watched her, and sure enough, she cheated!  When I looked at the final scorecard, she had herself beating me by four strokes.  I memorized how she did in the first few holes, and there was a lower score in almost each box.

So I called her on it, and she started yelling at me!  She was all, "It's just a game!  Why do you even care?"

I turned it around and said, "If it's just a game, then why do you care enough to cheat?"

She screamed, "I just like to win!  It's my thing!"

I screamed back, "Well my thing is, cheaters can suck it!"

It felt really good to say, but it was a really awkward ride home.


  1. Awkward ride home? Does that mean she didn't...?

  2. I think it means that she did cheat, but that they didn't speak on the ride home. Unless I misunderstand. Whose idea was the mini golf, I wonder.

  3. I think Chris is right to be wary of her... if she's going to lie about a little golf game, just how far would she go to "win"?

  4. ^^ Anon 5:25 and 11:55 - you're both retarded.

    ((Anon 2:44 i agree..!!))


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