Music Wakes the Savage Beast

Submitted by Brad:

Back in the spring, after three or four dates, Sarah and I went to a concert at a local venue.  I wasn't too into the group, but she sure was.  The place was PACKED and the music was eardrum-melting loud.

Although the songs weren't my style, I was a team player and drank and danced with Sarah and everyone else.  After their first set, the lead singer said that they were taking a break and that they would be manning the souvenir table at the rear of the club.

Sarah said that she was going to go check it out.  We were up in front, so she had her work cut out for her to make it to the back.  I remained where I was for a little while, then realized that I had to hit the bathroom, which was, of course, also towards the back of the club.  I figured I'd go and then meet up with Sarah somewhere nearby.

As I smashed and pressed my way through the crowd, I spotted her at the souvenir table.  She had a band shirt draped over her arm and was exchanging words in close quarters with the lead singer.  He laughed at something she said, and then, it happened.

As I watched, right in front of me, before my very eyes, they smiled at each other, leaned in, and started kissing.  I had to shut my eyes and reopen them just to make sure that I was seeing what I was seeing.

Oh, I was seeing it all right.

I'm not confrontational, so I turned around and buried myself in the crowd, trying to have a good time, which was, at that point, impossible.  She was gone for another minute or so when she came back, tapping me on the shoulder.


"Hi." I said.

"This place is awesome!"


I didn't say anything to her about it and dropped her back off at home after the band was done.  She called once or twice in the next few days, but I would rather run naked through a tiger pit than ever talk to her again.


  1. I don't drr the problem here...

  2. Oh nevermind, I thought it was two girl. Not a couple.

  3. Oh, come on, you've got to tell her off!

  4. WTF? Nary a word about how lame her action was? Next time, don't be such a doormat.

  5. Yeah, I would have most definitely called her out

  6. Why should he have called her out? They'd have just had a fight before breaking up rather than just breaking up. This is totally why man will never learn the futility of war.

    It's good to see Drew on the case with his bug-eyed mysoginism though. What a character!


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