Game Over

Submitted by Patrick:

Brianna and I traded e-mails online and not too long thereafter, she said that she'd call me one evening.

I was playing on my Xbox 360 when my phone rang.  It was Brianna.

"Hey, what are you up to?" she asked.

"Hi Brianna.  I was just on the Xbox."

"The what?  I'm sorry."

"My Xbox.  I was just playing Grand Theft Auto on the Xbox.  You didn't interrupt anything important."

"Xbox?  Why are you talking to me about your Xbox?"

"You asked what I was up to."

"So you're playing video games?"

"I was, but now I'm not.  I'm talking to you, now."

"How old are you, again?"



This was odd, but I took her out on a date all the same.  The entire time, though, she treated me like I was a little brother.  We even walked past a video game store and she asked, "Do you want to go in?  I'll wait outside."  Maybe she was trying to joke around, but it got really old very quickly, and she wouldn't let it go.

The final straw came when we walked past a line of parked cars.  She said, "Hey, check it out!  Grand Theft Auto!  Do you like, want to steal all these cars or something?"

I said, "Uh... my life isn't all about video games.  It's just something I do for fun.  You've been the one talking about video games this whole time, though.  So you should probably stop."

She stared at me, and I couldn't help but add, "Or game over."

She rolled her eyes and said, "All right.  Fine."

I didn't hear from her after the date, and I certainly wasn't going to call her.  Not when I had The Elder Scrolls to play.


  1. Forget her XD Get a gamer chick

  2. You probably should have said "yeah, lets play grand theft auto", smacked her with a baseball bat and took her money ;)

  3. I had a bitch of a girl like this once. She always made fun of my games and I hardly even played, like maybe an hour a week or less. On an unrelated note, she was sleeping after an argument and I jacked off in her hair and down the side of her face. She walked out into the living room later on to all of my friends and I watching some football... Took her about ten min. to notice her hair was all sticky.

  4. Shes a weirdo lol.. Xbox is played by guys of all ages.. Infact i dont even think 'little kids' play it (and by little i mean under 12).. I know people who play it in there teens, 20's, 30's, 40's even 50's.. IT's just something alot of guys do when they are home and have some free time.. Just like females who paint there names and talk on the phone... But yeah glad you dumped her fugly ass.


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