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Submitted by Danielle:

I met Donnie at a local theme park. He seemed sweet and was cute. We exchanged numbers, but when we talked on the phone, it usually consisted of him talking, me listening, and then me having to get off the phone. I stopped being as interested, but after much persistence on his part, I agreed to go out with him on a date.

On our way to the movie, like our phone conversations, it was more him talking about himself, and me listening. (I've never met a man who talked SO much!) It seemed that every story he told had to do with him getting picked on as an adolescent, or getting into fights with friends of his that were his age, which was early twenties, I believe.

He also was showing off this new tattoo he had gotten, of Italy, with it filled in with the Italian flag colors. He kept applying the "tattoo goo" which made him (and my car) small of Vicks VapoRub. He talked about how he was so strong, and was working out all of the time so that he can be stronger.

He also stated that he was an "Italian Stallion" and asked if I would like to see later for myself.  I put on some music to make the situation a little smoother.

The movie went fine, and afterward, I decided to show him a favorite spot of mine to do a little stargazing. As we were standing and watching the sky, he leaned in to kiss me. I kissed back, but only slightly, and it turned out to be more of a peck.  He leaned in for more. I told him that I must be going as it was getting late, and got back into the car to drive back.

After two weeks of literally ignoring his phone calls, and not calling him back did he finally get the picture. I should have just told him I wasn't interested, but at the time I wasn't sure how he would have handled it. Much to my surprise, he actually did call me about six months of not talking, only to have me reject him once more.


  1. I always find that being forthright with your intentions is best. Yes, you should have told him that you weren't interested, as kissing him back gave him the impression you were.

    That really wasn't very nice - even if he was a self centred blow hard.

  2. My question would be, why take him for stargazing if you weren't that interested? That screams romance.

  3. Why would you take him star gazing?

  4. Sounds like he was a little insecure - but you said he seemed "sweet and cute." It's weird that you encouraged him slightly by kissing back, then backed off and stopped the date, then made him dangle on the phone for two weeks. I wonder what his version of this date would read like...

  5. I second JMG's inquiry.

  6. People who don't stop talking about themselves seem to be common out there. Next time, try this: throw aside any feelings of annoyance and really listen to them! I mean, sincerely forget ALL about yourself, and listen with all the compassion you can muster. If it goes on for hours, than do it for hours. Eventually it will happen: the person will suddenly realize they've been heard, and then they might get embarrassed, and then they will shut f**k up and wonder who is the complete stranger that is their date. When they get to this point, say "Thanks for the date. I have to go now."

  7. In England we'd call a guy like that "a complete penis".

  8. Wait. He said "I'm an Italian Stallion" and inquired whether you would like to experience this and your reaction was "Let's goto a movie and go star gazing".

    Is it something with estrogen that makes women's brains not work? I'm curious.

  9. complete penis...as opposed to just a partial one?

  10. What's wrong with women saying they're not interested, I wonder. I have never had any difficulty telling a guy I'm uninterested in them. Why try and be subtle and hope he gets the message? Seems a huge waste of energy and lends to massive confusion.


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