Even St. Valentine Had a Better Valentine's Day

Submitted by BT:

Kathleen came to my house on Valentine's Day and suggested that we go get dinner and see a movie.
After an hour of going from restaurant to restaurant, finding all of them full, we settled on the least romantic option ever: Burger King. From there we went straight to the movies where she picked what we were going to see. It was a long movie - so long that it had an intermission.
About 10 minutes after we came back after the intermission, we were back in our seats, the movie was playing, and  I  could hear her sobbing. I asked her what was wrong, and she said it was too much for her to take. She wanted to leave, but I wanted to see the end of this flick - having invested about 2 hours into it already I wanted to see how it turned out.

She cried for nearly the remainder of the movie. Amazingly we stayed together for about another year. Oh yeah, the movie?  Schindler's List.


  1. Wow. Burger King and one of the bleakest movies ever? What part of that did you think was going to go well?

  2. I have to admit, picking out Schindler's List as an ideal Valentine's Day date movie... bit of a pencil-scratcher, that.

  3. Looks like the girl picked the movie and had part of the decision on the food. How'd you last another year dealing with that oddball?

  4. Oh man, Schindler's List on v-day, that totally sounds like something I'd do.

  5. ha! now that's a bad date. but it mustve went well since you actually continued dating for a full year after that.

  6. I have a rule of thumb: when you're doing something with someone and they want to leave because they are either crying or vomiting, then you leave.

  7. whoa Mr. Jerry Seinfeld.

  8. Crappy story mainly because you guys continued to date for a whole year. You come off like a douchebag for not leaving. You could have gone back to see it later by yourself.


  9. They do have a Valentine's Day dinner at White Castle where they fancy up the place for a couple of hours and they serve you your food restaurant style. I'd like to do it one day just for kicks. Burger King reminded me of that. But yeah, you should have left when she started crying and wanted to leave.

  10. Schindler's list on Valentines day? hmmm


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