If You Have a Fever, Please Stay Home

Submitted by Lauren:

I met Danny at a bar one night.  Over the next few weeks I kept running into him and after some persistent encounters, I finally agreed to go on a date with him.  He was pretty cute and seemed nice enough, although I don't make a habit of dating guys I meet in bars.

I showed up at the restaurant where we were meeting for a drink and I saw Danny, in a bright yellow t-shirt, that said in bold, black writing, "YELLOW FEVER."  I am Asian and have had a fair share of creeps who want to date me because I'm Asian, who have self proclaimed Asian fetishes.

I sat down and all I could do was stare at his shirt.  After ten minutes, I asked him if it meant what I thought it meant, and he replied, "Oh, yeah.  I love Asian women.  I typically only date Asians."

I hate hearing that on a first date so I knew this probably wasn't going to work out, but I decided to be a sport and at least make it through the night.  However, later on in the conversation, he asked me, "So, this is a question I ask girls.  What would you do if I got down on the ground and started barking like a dog?"

"Uh, I'd probably ignore you and walk away," I answered honestly.

Danny started laughing, and said, "Oh, I knew it!  I knew you were one of those girls who care way too much what other people think of you."

That was probably the most ridiculous thing to say because at that moment, I looked like the Asian chump sitting next to the guy wearing a "Yellow Fever" shirt.  Needless to say, when he tried to call me again for a next date, I was busy.


  1. "get on the ground and bark like a dog?" that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

  2. Lauren.. call me!

  3. Ironically, your story caused an ad on this page's sidebar citing 'Single Asian Women'.

  4. Can a woman be a "chump"?

  5. Coincidentally - not ironically

  6. No, it's ironic because that is a site dedicated to men who are attracted to women that are Asian, merely because they are Asian. Further, these ads are put in sites based on the content of the site, so, IRONICALLY, because of this very story, men who are also Asian fetishists will have that site to go to after they read this and feel offended because it points out their douchey, race-specific, demeaning fetish.

  7. Nope, still not ironic.

  8. Irony is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you'd expect. So it's funny, but not ironic.

  9. I understand the whole 'yellow fever' thing was off-putting,but i mean,what's wrong with having a physical preference? Most girls will specify that they like 'taller guys' etc,and that's ok,but when a guy does it,they're 'shallow'..double standards much?


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