What a Beach

Submitted by Travis:

It was a third date with Orla.  I invited her to the beach with a group of our mutual friends.  We all jumped in the water except for her, who sat standing and frowning at it.

I called back to her, "Come on in, Orla!  What's wrong?"

She said, "This water's filthy."

"We'll shower off later.  Come on in!  It's warm!"

"No!  This water is disgusting!"

I said, "Stop insulting the water and just come in.  You'll shower and be fine after."

She stomped her foot on the sand and screamed, "No!  This water is filthy!  I'm going to go get my brother to pick me up."

She stormed away and I followed her up the beach.  I tapped her shoulder.

"Orla, what's wrong?"

She yelled, "You can all splash around in that disgusting water, but I'm not!  I'm going to call my brother and he's going to come and pick me up."

"Why can't you just shower afterward?"

"Oh my God!  Listen to yourself!  I'm going to go get my brother to pick me up!"  She continued up the beach, and I... well, I went back to the water.  It was nice and warm, after all.


  1. She did not want to swim in the water. You wanted to swim in the water. You both made valid points expressing your tastes and perspectives on the situation. You could be 100% correct in your assement of the water. But it's not so much that either of you had a silly point of view, it's that the whole argument was incredibly, ridiculously silly. Your relationship ended because you both couldn't accept the other's position REGARDING SEA WATER? I know couples who have less heated debates over abortion.

    I can't really fault her anymore than I could fault you. You seem awfully critical of her for not wanting to swim, but let's turn it around. “This guy I was dating was swimming in (what I saw as) gross ass sea water. I really didn't want to swim, but he kept bugging me about it. I finally decided to leave, but he followed me and kept on harping on me to swim even though I was totally clear that I wasn't interested and I never really demanded that he stop”.

    This wasn't really a “bad date”, it was just representative of 90% of the silly fights that people have in relationships that they eventually learn to get over and move on with the relationship. You could just have easily been the bigger man, realized the argument was stupid, and tried to reach a compromise, like finding something to do that didn't gross her out. But, in your own way, you stamped your feet and pouted. Pick your battles man, or you're going to have lots of submissions for the website over the course of your lifetime.

  2. Well Drew is obviously a psycho!
    She was whiney, that's why it was a bad date- the way it's told, she acted like a 5 year old.
    But "Up Too Early" has a point, he should have just chilled out and respected she didn't want to go in.

  3. Drew sounds like a closet gay. That much hatred for women only implies a love of men.

  4. It's possible she was having her period and didn't want to risk having her tampon suck up dirty sea water.

  5. Orla? What the fuck kind of name is that?

  6. If she didn't want to swim in "dirty ocean water", why would she accept a date to the beach?

    I also enjoy the beach, but dislike the bacteria in the water. When the bacteria levels are low, yeah, I'd consider swimming and showering well afterwards....

  7. Umm...I'm wondering if Drew is the subject of any of these other stories...lol!

  8. Anon @ October 4, 2009 12:07 PM: you nailed it.

  9. Anon@October 4, 2009 7:16 PM (1): YOU nailed it

  10. Drew - You sound retarded. You're not even funny and ''internet tough guys'' are a joke. Hope off you ugly weakling. LMAO.

    (Btw i agree with the first comment, only she choose to go and she knew swimming in that water was going to happen. But i think theres more to the story. The fight most likely started over him nagging her to swim, then escalated into an argument.)


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