You're Out!

Submitted by David:

It was my FIRST date, I had just got my license, and I worked up the nerve to ask Liz out.  She sat in front of me in US History and we got along very well.  We were friends.  I tried hard many times to ask her out but wimped out every time.  When I finally asked her she answered with a simple "Yes."
You know those butterflies that fly around in your guts?  They feel so good, and I really wanted to have a great date, show her a good time, maybe grow the first date into something, you know, special?

Dinner, where? Movie, what? After that? Do you try to kiss her?

We had dinner at TGIF's (she tried to pay her share but I wasn't having any of that).  Dinner was okay, but being my first date I was too nervous to talk much.  Strike one.
On to the movie.  Being the suave dork at 16, I made sure that the movie theater was very far away so that we could spend time talking in the car.  But remember, I'm nervous, right?  Forty minutes and a highway to the movie theater and I spoke all of one minute, if that.  Strike two.

We finished the movie and spent another 40 minutes and a highway heading home. Just as we get to her house, and just as I was about to thank her for a good time (I gave up on the kiss at dinner) she looked at me and said, "Do you think Phil likes me?"
Phil was a very good friend of mine and he sat NEXT to her in US History.  And the movie that I took her to?  Full Metal Jacket.  Strike three...


  1. ouch. I hope your subsequent dates went better. :o)

  2. This is David. Yes, thank you! Although I had a few I'm-such-a-dork dates after this, I'm proud to report that I'm much better now....

  3. Hey man, I think you are the first person to post an "I was at fault" bad-date story. More power to you!

  4. TheGripester: Thank you for your comment--I just hope she somehow finds this site, reads my post and laughs....

  5. TGIF? Dude...that was strike 4!

  6. Anonymous: Haha!


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