Hey, This Isn't What I Ordered

Submitted by Stacy:

The first time I ever tried Internet dating, I was naive enough to make a few mistakes, one of those being not getting a photo before agreeing to meet.

I had emailed back and forth with Henry for a while and he seemed really nice and eager to meet me. So, being flattered, I agreed. He said he didn't have a photo, but described himself as 6'1", about 185lbs, with dark hair and "funky Drew Carey glasses."

Physical attraction may not be the most important aspect of a person, but it still has to be present for there to be chemistry. Given his description of himself, I was interested. I also described myself to him.

We agreed to meet at a restaurant for coffee. I got there after him, and looked around for the tall guy with dark hair and funky glasses. In his place, was a guy who was a good 100 pounds heavier than he'd said he was. He even had those fat-guy droopy pants. You know the ones that don't fit quite right so they have to wear them under their belly, making the seat of them droop?

He blurted that he had already been there for a half hour and had smoked a joint outside because he was nervous. That's ok, I'm fine with a moderate amount of recreational marijuana use, so I let it go, thinking it odd nonetheless.

Then he started asking me what kind of panties I was wearing and if I was horny. I was also lucky enough to hear about his estranged wife who had recently had their child, his failure as a used car salesman and how he was struggling to make ends meet.

So I count that date as being the one that taught me a few lessons about mistakes I never repeated again.


  1. This doesn't seem too uncommon, and I definitely understand your disappointment on this one.

    The phrase, "I also described myself to him" implies that you didn't have a picture up, yourself. Hopefully, given this experience, you now do, just to keep things fair.

  2. No, I didn't have a photo up, being new to the whole thing, but I WAS honest in my description to him.

    And yes, a photo for a photo is fair, I agree.

  3. oh my god, why didn't you just say 'look sorry this isn't going to work, you're not who i thought you were'

    for chrissakes, why do people on this site continue with horrific dates, are we that desperate? or low self esteem? or are the stories just not real?

    If the date is going bad then LEAVE STRAIGHT AWAY, trust your instincts.


  4. Everybody has access to a photo, and if they say they do not, run. Something is up! Demand a recent photo. If they do not look like their photo, politely excuse yourself and leave.

  5. @7:31
    I think that a lot of people are patient, and like giving their fellows the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone is a cold, dead husk of humanity, like the rest of us.

    Also, the stories in which the people just leave aren't as fun/frustrating to read, and would be/are much, much shorter.

  6. I agree... we cant just walk out on people like that.. I guess if YOU can... it´s because you are used to having really bad dates, and that probably says something about u... maybe ur dates are the ones writing on this site, too.


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