Foot-in-Mouth Award Recipient, Circa 1959

Submitted by Ken:

Joel, an old friend of mine, likes to tell this date story:

As a midshipman, Joel met a pretty young lady at a church social.  Erica was a teacher, seemed to have her act together, and they had a few things in common, like playing piano.  Joel's roommate remarked about how nice Erica seemed, but Joel was shy.

Eventually, Joel's roommate persuaded Joel to ask Erica out to a Navy football game for a date.  Erica agreed to come by and pick Joel up that afternoon.

As they walked to the parking lot, Erica felt self-conscious and explained that she drove a rather humble automobile.

In an attempt to reassure Erica, Joel said "Well now, I wouldn't worry. Why, I'll bet it's not as shabby as that beat-up, old blue dodge over there!" and pointed to a wreck.

A long uncomfortable silence ensued.

Apparently the rest of the date went well, as their three children and five grandchildren threw them a 50th wedding anniversary party this past summer.  There's always hope!

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  1. Awww, that's sweet. Not exactly a bad date, though, sounds like it went all very well instead.


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