But at Least I Went Home Full

Submitted by Gio:

Ellen insisted on seeing a movie for our first date. I'm not a fan of movies on first dates, as it doesn't give you a chance to learn about the other person. She picked out The Final Destination.

After spending most of the movie with her eyes shut tight (but her hand firmly clamping mine), we went out for an early dinner.

"Wasn't that the scariest movie you've ever seen?" she asked me.

I told her that it wasn't, but that it had its moments. Then, she started talking about how her ex-boyfriends never took her out to horror movies because she would get too scared. She said that she thought it was super cool that I took her out to see one.

I said, "Well, it was your idea. I just went along with it."

She said, "What, so you wouldn't have taken me if I didn't ask?"

"Probably not. I don't like going to see movies on first dates, to be honest, but you really wanted to go–"

"What are you blaming me for? I don't understand."

This was taking a sharp nosedive, so I tried to change the subject. I asked, "How big is your family?"

"So you'll never go see a movie with me again? Is that what you're saying?"

"No. It just wouldn't have been my first choice."

"Just because of me? Or would you have gladly gone with someone else?"

"How big is your family?"

"Answer the question."


She picked up her bag and said, "I guess this is over, then."

I didn't stand up.  I hadn't finished my dinner.  I said, "I guess so."

She said, "Ugh!" as if I was supposed to say, "No, don't go!" but didn't.

"See you around," she said as she left.

I finished her dinner, too.


  1. What's going on with this site? Lately a lot of "bad dates" were submitted by the dorks who made them bad.

  2. How did the guy make it bad? Was it before she flew off the deep end or after?

  3. @Anonymous #1

    The guy agreed to go see a movie in the first place. Obviously, he didn't make his objection known, although it's a pretty good one. If he did make his objection known ("I'd rather do something else where we can get to know each other") and the girl insisted anyway, then don't go to the date.

    Now, if you still decide to go, don't act like a whinny jerk about it. Especially after she said she thought you were cool. Grow some balls and don't make her feel guilty for ruining your night. Nobody forced you.

    And coming back to the "How big is your family?" question was rude and insensitive towards the lady. The guy opened the door to her line of query, and then refused to discuss it and ignored her questions.

    The guy is a jerk and seems proud to be one, as demonstrated by the fact that he takes the time to tell how he didn't stand up when she left the table.

  4. agreed, the submitter is the one that made the date suck. "And I ate her dinner too"...what a deusch.

  5. Yeah, not sure how this guy made the date bad. He could have been a bit more direct. However, compromising and seeing a movie on your first date (even though it wasn't his first choice), wasn't a bad movie, especially since they were going to talk afterwards at dinner.

    I think the girl is kind of a nutcase in this scenario. Why would she assume he wouldn't want to see the movie as a first choice because of her, but he might do it with someone else? Girl seems a bit self-absorbed. Guy seems a bit passive-aggressive. Still think it was mainly her attitude that ultimately sank this date.

  6. What IS up with this site? That's a good question.

    Every single story is written exactly to formula. "I met -enter name- at -enter place here-. Insert sentence explaining reason for meeting here. Add twist or odd observation that casts foreboding over date -here-." And so on...

    They are all clearly written by the same mind, in the exact same style. Even the few that vary from the template, still have the same tone, and roughly fit the formula. 80% of the stories open with approximately the same sentence.

    Granted, the author may be editing stories to fit a format, for whatever reason. Perhaps he/she is trying to avoid potential liability for violating the privacy of the people that are the subjects of these stories. Or the editor thinks it makes the stories more palatable, if they all meet some level of readability standards, and are somewhat sanitized for acceptable content. Possibly, the stories are made up entirely and if so, the author is a fountain of creative writing!

    I don't think it is working, however. After a few visits to this site, the stories seem too similar to be tolerable or believable. Most readers probably cannot tell if they've already read one of these stories previously, until they are almost to the end of the story. Too similar, as in monotonous.

    Sorry, but in my opinion, this site is a good idea, but presented in a bad, non-working way.

  7. What's up with the site:

    The stories are occasionally edited for content (so that certain sentences come across clearer), spelling errors are corrected, and large paragraphs are broken up. Otherwise, they are the words of the respective writers. If I posted every story up on here, unedited, exactly as they come in, then there would be complaints about other things. Every story up here is original on the part of the writers, but like a publication, they need to conform to particular readability standards.

  8. I hope you finished her dinner, wasting food is such a bad thing.

  9. I'd like to stick up for JMG. I am a contributor, so I know it's not just the editor making these stories up. And all due respect, but no way are they all written in the same style! There are some that are obviously written by beginning writers, and those that are written by professionals, and every degree in between.

    I'll admit that there are a percentage that are unbelievable - like the one where the guy drank his would-be date's milkshake (probably BS) - but most are all too believable to anyone who has ever worked in a bar, nightclub, or restaurant (you see these dramas happening over and over to your customers). And a few are priceless, like the the guy who yelled "Burrito!" and tried to roll his date up in a blanket.

    So back off and let JMG do his job. I think you are blaming him for the content he receives, and it's not his fault if we contributors are not always inspired.

  10. I like this site. If people have problems with the posts, why don't they create their own bad date website? They don't have to frequent this site if it's so unsatisfying..... I regularly find it funny.

  11. What's wrong with him eating her dinner? He probably ended up paying for it. What was he gonna do, chase her down with a doggy bag?

    "She picked out The Final Destination"
    THAT's why it was a bad date; he was evidently dating a child.

  12. Hm... so okay, he's not prince charming, but she's obviously got a roo loose in the top paddock. At least you got a couple of nice meals out of it.

  13. This sounds like a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Hilarious!

  14. Welp, seems to me the guy didn't have a clue. If your reply is "I guess so" instead of "That'd be a shame" or "Do you REALLY want that?", you're just showing indifference to her do-you-even-care test.

    Can't blame the girl for not dating someone who doesn't even care.

    Well, he does, actually. For the meal <:)

  15. That girl is a classic psycho, as in drama queen, she needs and feeds off it. Believe me I've been with the type, aside from the setting and people involved, it's pretty much all the same.. and as for bringing up her ex-boyfriends on the date, really??

  16. Sounds like a psycho, good thing she left.

    Loved the ending btw!


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