Yo No Quiero

Submitted by Deborah:

David took me out on a picnic for our first date.  He made some soggy peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, but a pretty good Caesar salad.

It was a nice, sunny day, and I was having a good time until he asked me if I liked Mexican food.

I thought it was an innocuous question, so I answered, "Yes."

Then, he took the blanket on which we were sitting, threw it over my head, and tried to wrap me up in it.

"Burrito!" he shouted as he tried to roll me down the hill.

I jabbed with my fist where it felt like he was, and he let go.  I shook the blanket off and turns out that I clocked him on the side of his nose.  He wasn't bleeding, but he was in some pretty sharp pain.  I don't like being manhandled, even as a joke, on a first date.  Sorry.

In certain circumstances, I guess I don't like Mexican.


  1. That's definitely a "not until the honeymoon" type gag. Good on you for giving him the business.

    Just think if he'd yelled "Enchilada!" and dumped a barrel of taco sauce on you.

  2. BobSandwich = Take Things Out of Context Man

  3. Wow...on a first date?? What a weirdo, good for you for punching him!

  4. At least he did not ask to see your taco.

  5. ...clearly you have to lighten up a bit. You don't sound like you have a sense of humor and must be quite uptight to resort to violence. Good luck in your dating pool...my guess is you'll be in there long enough that you'll be wrinkly.

  6. TheGripester = Virgin W/ Saggy Tits

  7. Moobs, BobSandwich, moobs. And ummm...my infant son is proof against the virgin thing lolz

  8. TheGripester = Virgin W/Saggy Tits

    I second that.

  9. Gosh, Vonshine, I thought I was your hero. As in:

    "Vonshine said...
    TheGripster, you're my hero"

    Oh well.

    Vonshine = Another Gripester basher.

  10. she was obviously frightened of being turkey slapped while under the blanket!


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