Window into Insanity

Submitted by Will:

Michelle and I had a great first date.  After we were done with bowling and dinner, it was late and she offered to drop me back off at my place, since I had walked to town and she had driven in.  I took her up on it.

We kissed goodnight, I thanked her for dropping me off, and I went inside a pretty happy guy.  I undressed, turned off the lights, and climbed into bed.

After about ten minutes, I felt an odd sensation, as if I was being watched.  I jumped up in bed, and there was Michelle, staring at me through my first-floor bedroom window, the one that looked out over the backyard.

I shouted and she took off.  I ran outside, but she was gone.

Three days later, she left a rambling, apologetic message on my voicemail.  No, I didn't call her back.


  1. WHy didn't you invite her in and hit it?

  2. with a baseball bat

  3. Creeeeeeepy!

  4. Weren't you in the least curious as to why she was there? I mean it's so weird!

    You probably did the right thing though.

  5. Did she have a hockey mask on? If she didn't, you should have hit it.


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