Mad Man

Submitted by Stacy:

We met on a dating site in Canada. He seemed nice at first, so we decided to go for drinks at a local lounge. He had told me his interests included hockey, so when we went to the lounge and I saw that there was a big screen TV there with the game on, I purposely took the seat in the booth facing the TV, so his back would be to it.

During our email exchange I had asked about his job as he had posted in his profile that he was "In law enforcement."  He told me he would tell me when we met. Okay, fine, some people are private.

After we sat down and ordered our drinks, I asked him what he did for a living. He told me he was a border guard. Not exactly what springs to mind when you say "law enforcement," but okay.

He then told me that he carried a gun (Canadian Border Guards do not carry guns) and that he was trained to restrain people and put them on the ground. He told me elaborate stories of being kicked out of casinos in Las Vegas for fighting, and how he gets angry when people coming through the border don't answer his questions the way he wants them to. But he was sure to qualify his statements with "I'm working on my anger management." I also got to hear about how his ex wife was such a bitch. Lucky me.

As if his disturbing attitude about, well, everything, wasn't enough, he kept turning around in his seat to watch the game. He would watch for a few minutes at a time and then turn back to me and say "What?" like he'd missed what I had just said.

Eventually, I made an excuse and said that I had to go. As we parted ways in the parking lot (thank GOD I had met him there) he said, "We should do this again. I had a great time."

I said "Sure, I'll call you," having absolutely no intention of calling him whatsoever - I just wanted to get away as fast as I could.

When I got home, I sent him an e-mail telling him I would not be calling and that I wasn't interested in going out with him again.


  1. Canadian border guards do, actually, carry guns.
    It started back in '06 as a two year plan to have 400 full time guards fully trained and armed so that they might handle a situation before the police arrive, or without having to involve the police at all.

  2. Glad to see that you were predisposed to having a bad time.

    It really seems like you were the one being a bit harsh in this situation.

  3. Sorry, but speaking as a woman who is very open minded, I also wouldn't have had a good time with an overly aggressive and braggy member of "law enforcement". Talking about getting kicked our of Vegas for fighting is a definite turn OFF. I live in a state with a border and the border control guys have a rep for being rather dim and having short tempers and this story does nothing to dispel those rumors.

  4. He told you he liked hockey, so you went to a sports bar and purposely sat him so he could not see the screen? Then bitch because he would turn away from you to catch up with what was happening?
    You poor little princess, you demand all a persons attention all the time, then complain they are obsessive.
    Get yourself some cats, pull down the window shades and settle in, you have a long lonely road ahead.

  5. As a guy I'd say that if you can't ignore a fucking game to concentrate on a girl you've got problems, at the very least don't agree to a date on a game night.

    At least she let him know that she wasn't really interested even if it was via email.

  6. Wow, people here are coming down hard on you. Congratulations on actually sending an email saying you wouldn't be calling...way classier and upfront than most would be.

    I fail to see how anyone is blaming you on this one, guy seems like...well, a complete fucktard. 3 major rules of dating broken right off the bat:

    1) don't talk about your ex...we all know everything prelude to this has been a failure, that's why were here

    2) Don't talk about tangles with the law or your own anger management problems.

    3) Pay attention to your date. Seriously.

    Wouldn't have even thought about adding bragging about gun possession in Canada as a rule that needed stating, but congratulations for creating a new addendum.

    God Speed you poor sad bastard.

  7. Don't take the comments too hard. A lot of misogynists on the internet don't realise that anger is for pussies.

  8. And also, she never said they went to a sports bar. It says "lounge;" lounge does not imply sports bar.

    This guy was a total jerk. Record the game, and go somewhere where no one will tell you the score. Duh.

  9. Can't believe you mailed him to tell him you would not be seeing him? Most people just ignore - they get the message after 2-3 times.


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