So By "No" You Mean... "Very Yes"?

Submitted by S. W.:

I met Ben on an internet dating site and we agreed to go out for coffee in a local bar. Already quite early on I got the feeling that there was no chemistry between us for a relationship - I did not intend to see him again. However, Ben was obviously an intellectual guy and the conversation was good in an academic way, so I stayed.

At some point the discussion went to having sex on a first date. I pointed out several reasons why I thought it was a bad idea. Ben obviously had another opinion. We went through a number of psychological theories, discussed how human feelings evolve, what upbringing has to do with attitudes on sex etc. He would not accept any of my explanations, but would challenge and ask for reasoning.

All in all, it was a vigorous discussion and went on for hours. But not once during that time did I give in to his reasoning - I was very clear that sex on the first date was not a viable option for me.

When it got late, we decided to leave the bar. Ben walked me to the street corner where my car was parked. I said goodnight - and his answer? "I would really like to sleep with you tonight."

You just can't get through to some guys.


  1. Guys wouldn't do things like this if they didn't sometimes work.

  2. Try to reason with a woman? It will never work.

  3. Wow, that is beyond freaky...

  4. Heh. Can't fault his persistance.

  5. He had nothing to lose now did he :)

  6. Ugh. I think I went on a date with that same guy.


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