Dial "W" for "Weird"

Submitted by Mark:

This was about a year and a half ago.  I took Jillian out for a first date on a walk through a nearby artsy village.  There were plenty of bridges, roads, and paths, and we did a lot of walking.  We seemed to be having a good time.

While we were out, my phone rang with a local number that I didn't recognize.  As I was out on a date, I didn't answer it, but I let it go to voicemail.  Whoever it was, I'd catch up with later.

Less than five minutes later, it rang again.

Then a third time.

Thinking at this point that it might be someone I know, calling from an unrecognized number, and that it was an emergency, I apologized to Jillian and picked up the phone.


They hung up.  I called them back, and was disconnected.  Thinking that it must have been a wrong number, we went on.

Hardly had we gone six steps when Jillian's phone rang.  She answered.  "Hello?  Yes, everything's fine.  Okay, you can stop calling us now.  Bye."

She hung up.  I asked, "You can stop calling us?"

She shrugged.  "My brother.  I gave him your number just in case."

"In case of what?"

"Just to be safe.  You know, you're a new guy and he's protective."

I asked, "So he calls me non-stop and then hangs up to protect you?"

"That's just what he does."


My phone rang twice more with his number over the rest of the date, and I didn't pick up.  I also decided not to see her anymore.  Just a little too strange for me.


  1. I this was the weirdest date you have been on, then I wish to be you

  2. "I asked, "So he calls me non-stop and then hangs up to protect you?"

    "That's just what he does.""

    I would have ended it there.

  3. Wow, you think this was a bad date? Someone checking up on her safety?? There are a lot of weirdos out there and you could have been one of them. She doesn't need to be with you anyway. There was nothing weird about it. I would ALWAYS give the number of the person I was going on a date with (if I met them online) to someone either a friend or a family member prior to the date. In case anything happened. It's completely logical.

  4. Yes...but calling over and over again is not. :/


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