Lights, Camera, Busted!

Submitted by Beth:

Henry and I had been out twice before, and this time around we were on his couch watching a movie.  As things can go when watching a movie on a couch with a date, we began cuddling and kissing.

About twenty minutes into being hot and heavy, I heard a high-pitched rapid beeping from somewhere nearby.

I asked him what it was and he said, "Something in the kitchen.  I don't know."

We continued on the couch for a while and he excused himself to go to the bathroom.  While he was away, I couldn't help but look towards his kitchen and see an oddly-piled stack of cookie and cereal boxes.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered a video camera hidden among them, pointed toward the couch, and it was on.

I wondered - should I confront him?  Should I play it cool?  What do I do?  Then it hit me: I ejected the tape from the camera and slipped it into my handbag.

I returned to the couch and when he tried to continue our session, I told him that it was enough for one night.  I didn't say or do anything else suspicious, and I left when the movie was over, as if nothing was wrong.

He didn't call me after that.


  1. Wow, great job handling that situation! Very cool. What a weirdo he was...

  2. Eeww. At least he was an incompetent creep.

  3. You're very forgiving. I would have had the cops come pay a visit with a lawyer following close behind...

  4. Can't believe you didn't call the cops on him... he'll be doing it again with another gal. Should atleast have taken the camera...

  5. do people still own cameras that use tapes? is this story from 1987?


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