What's Your Wedding Dress Size? Just Curious.

Submitted by Mary:

I met David online over a dating site free weekend. We met after work at a restaurant – he brought flowers, held the door for me, bought a bottle of wine…everything was going great.

A couple of glasses of wine in, I realized I was doing most of the talking. I tried to ask him questions about himself, but he would give me short answers and turn the conversation back to me. I thought he was just being attentive and was really interested in getting to know me.

Then he asked, “How soon into a relationship would you consider marriage?” I didn’t know how to respond. And the questions got worse. “Are you messy?” “What are your thoughts on gender roles?”

And the cherry on top: “What are your feelings on spanking your children?”

Then next day I received an e-mail from him with a new set of similar questions. When he asked me out again, I told him it wasn’t going to work out. When he asked why, I told him it felt like an interview. “What, do you think I was interviewing you to be my WIFE?” he asked in disbelief.

You said it, buddy, not me.


  1. Did he ask you how you felt about basements, by any chance?

  2. He wasn't asking about marriage or kids. He
    wanted you to dress him up in a diaper and
    spank him.

  3. He was asking about role playing.

    "What, do you think I was interviewing you to be my WIFE?"

    The comma placement after "What" indicates that he was being sarcastic and not seriously interviewing for marriage. If it was "What do you think, I was interviewing you to be my WIFE?"

    Then I'd run away. Although to questions on gender reversal and spanking can turn anyone off if it isn't your thing.

  4. Sounds like a creeper. Even if he was being sarcastic, it's still strange.


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