First Base in First Gear

Submitted by E.

In high school, I got up the guts to ask out a really pretty girl, and to my amazement, she agreed.

The date went smoothly and was thinking I might even get a second date. At the end of the date, I pulled up to the front of her house, and turned to her and told her I had a great time. She said she had a great time. I decided to go for it and get a good night kiss and a second date. I leaned in for the kiss, and she starts shouting "STOP! STOP!" I couldn't believe I was getting this severe a good night kiss rejection. But when I pulled back, I realized that I hadn't put the car in park, and had taken my foot off the brake when I leaned in. I was driving up her front lawn. When I stopped she dove out of the car and ran.

I did not get a second date.


  1. You should have floored the accelerator and chased her for a bit.

  2. LOL. Got a great story though.

  3. Three words: Front. Yard. Donuts!

  4. Any girl who doesn't laugh her ass off about that certainly has some issues anyway! You probably dodged a bullet! LOL.

  5. I'm sorry, but why on earth with she have laughed something like that off? It was obviously her parent's house. She probably got in huge trouble; I know I would have.

  6. mallory sounds like a twat.

  7. ^ Agreed. Mallory is probably the chick who dove out of the car too.


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