What's in a Name? Turns Out, a Lot.

Submitted by Michelle:

I had met Kevin at a local pub around my college town. He seemed like a good guy, not to mention attractive, but I still couldn't get out of my habit to introduce myself as "Caity" to strangers I met at bars. After talking the whole night (and even getting a kiss!), I still hadn't told him my real name, and even went as far as to save my number into his phone as this false identity.

The next day, not thinking much of it, Kevin called to take me out on the typical college date: dinner and a movie. I agreed and we decided on a time that he would come pick me up. I jumped in the shower to get ready and I guess while I was in there, he called back trying to figure out where I live. Unfortunately, it went straight to voicemail, which mentions me under my actual name!

He picked me up and called me out on it when we were waiting in line for the movie. The entire rest of the night was just an awkward mess.


  1. Well good thing whores in bars getting free drinks give fake names...

  2. Moral of the story: Don't lie. You're a Barfly, not a Secret Agent

  3. Nothing is a bigger turnoff to me than paranoid people. I dumped an otherwise decent girl for this exact type of behavior. Get over yourself.

  4. It would have been real funny if you hadn't told him even until after he was banging you and he was all "oooh Caity, Caity!" moaning your name and then you tell him it's Michelle and so he starts moaning "Michelle!" and then every once in a while he slips and calls you Caity and you never know if he's thingking about you or the other you.

  5. *shurg* I don't see it as a big deal to be honest. I mean, it's not like you married him, had kids and then he found out like 20 years later or something.

    Hell, even if he did would that be a big deal? I mean to say, you liked one another so what's the problem?

  6. Mister Pointer Outer, you're the best!

    Way to try to create some drama for yourself, Michelle! Hope you, yourself, and you live happily ever after together.

  7. stupid story

  8. I don't see why it would have been that big of a deal. Couldn't you have just explained to him the whole name thing? I'm sure he would have been understanding.


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