That Which Does Not Sleep with Us Makes Us Stupider

Submitted by Liz:

I recently ran into an old schoolmate at a bar. We hadn't really known each other in high school, but we started talking and alcohol started flowing. He was buying for me and the two male, gay friends I was there with.

He starts flirting with me pretty heavily and he's a reasonably good looking guy and I figure there aren't any strings, so I am flirting back. Then he mentions, ever so casually, that he swings both ways. He drops this bomb and then goes right back to flirting with me.

When I go to the restroom, he offers my friends a thousand dollars each if they can convince me to have sex with him. I return and at this point my old classmate gets very serious and starts wildly misquoting Nietzsche and Plato to support his thesis that I should sleep with him. Eventually they kick us out and one of the cooks picks up the tab because he found watching me be uncomfortable so damn funny.


  1. It's really not that big of a deal. Get over it lady.

  2. Did you think about sleeping with the cook? He seems to be rich and has a good sense of humor...

  3. I'd make them split that money -_-

  4. It's not a big deal if one swings both ways, but it actually is if one offers 1000 dollars to have sex with them. What a nutjob!

  5. Think that was the cooks way of breaking the ice...date the cook:)

  6. Sounds like the guy was loaded! Could have had yourself a sugar daddy.


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