Touch of Evil

Submitted by Maria:

I met up with Eddie one day after work, for coffee. He could not stop touching me during the conversation. Not like fondling sort of touching, but I'd say something and he'd agree, but lightly reach and touch my arm almost every time.

Finally, I asked him if he would stop.

He replied, "I'm just being friendly. What the hell?"

This freaked me out, so I said "It's just making me uncomfortable."

"Me being friendly?"

I could have said yes or no, and either way he would have ended up winning. So I stood up, said, "No, just you. Thanks for the coffee," and left.


  1. Lol this is really that big of a deal? I mean, really? Get over it.

  2. I came here to feel better about my dates from hell. You got your arm touched.. I got hit in hte head "accidentally" with a bottle. I'm beginning to feel worse, much worse.

  3. Send it in.

  4. He actually did win. He was trying see if you were really into him by being affectionate. You obviously weren't into him or not open to affection on his level. You actually saved him a lot of trouble by being so up front about it.

  5. I'll bet he had a really big foreskin and that was his problem.

  6. Good call on your part. The dude was creepy and he followed up by trying to manipulate you. That was all the info you needed.

  7. "won"

    Love is a contest that can only be won if one or both parties die before the relationship ends. Otherwise it's counted as a failed relationship for both parties.

    For real, it's in the bible and everything.

  8. You are a reactionary, self-absorbed person. Your date won since he doesn't have to put up with a psycho like you for another evening. he touched you on the arm? Call the police!!!!! AHHH!!!!

  9. Any guy worth spending time with would have just said "oh, sorry," and not done it again. Good move on your part.

  10. Prolly just some poor guy who read some internet dating site about how touching a girl in a friendly way can build attraction or somthin.

  11. What a manipulative douchebag. I know a LOT of people who feel very uncomfortable when they're touched, even if it's light.


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