Blaze of Glory

Submitted by Deborah:

It would be my second date with Jeff, wouldn't it? Anyway, I was expecting a movie, dinner, putt-putt, or something date like. Instead, he brought me to a weed-ridden, forgotten parking lot. There was a stomach-high pile of trash that he had pre-set, and he set out a blanket, a bottle of wine, and two glasses. He lit the pile on fire, sat down on the blanket, and beckoned me over.

It may have been romantic if not for the FLAMING, STINKING PILE OF TRASH not five feet away!


  1. Deborah!

    Thanks for adding a laugh to my day. What was he thinking?


  2. By any chance, was your date from Flint, Michigan?

  3. I would have laughed my ass off assuming that it was some kind of joke...


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