Uterine and Uterout

Submitted by Frank:

I asked out a girl who did work with my company. She was cute, nice, a bit quirky, but seemed fun and smart. We both liked to go swing dancing, so I picked her up on Sat. night and we went to a hip jazz club that featured swing nights.

At first she didn't want to dance, which I thought was kind of weird, since she had wanted to come swing dancing at a swing dancing club, after all. No biggie, we ordered and drank a few cocktails, chatted idly, and she goes to the bathroom several times in quick succession. Finally she decided she wanted to dance so we did a couple of numbers until she says, "I need to sit down," and goes quickly back to our table.

She looked really pale and kind of sick. I go join her and ask if something was the matter. "I had uterine surgery yesterday," she replies.

Wait, wot? I ask why she didn't just tell me to begin with and cancel the date (something that I would have totally been fine with, of course).

She replied that "I wanted to go dancing." Obviously, I took her right home. We didn't have a second date, and I didn't see much of her at work after that either. Weird.


  1. Sounds as if she liked you so much she didn't want to pass up the opportunity...now she's embarrassed because she feels she blew it. If you can figure out a humerous way to ask her out again, I'd do it.

  2. I had almost the exact same experience except she said, "I had an abortion yesterday." No, seriously. We stayed friends. But it was weird. If this happened recently you should give her a call. She likes you.

  3. I agree with what the others are saying. She obviously likes you and is now embarrassed. Try asking her out again!

  4. I think you should call the girl who had the abortion instead.


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