Driving in Cars with Morons

Submitted by Christy:

When I was in college, I met Frank through an acquaintance. He seemed nice enough. We went out to dinner, which went okay, but the moment things started to get a little weird is when he asked me why I hadn’t dressed sexier for our date. I was wearing a turtleneck and pants. I admitted that it may not have been the best choice for a first date, but it was the middle of December and 20 degrees outside. He proceeded to try to make me feel awful for not wearing something more revealing.

After dinner, he suggested we go to a particular bar down the street. I agreed and he drove us there. On the way, he started asking what kind of guy I liked and out of the blue asked, “So, have you ever dated a black guy?” I replied, “Well, I don’t see why that matters, but no, I haven’t.” His completely offensive and quite serious response was, “Oh good, because if you had said yes I would have thrown you out of the car... while it’s still moving!”

I wanted to ask him to turn the car around at that point, but decided to just try to have a decent night. We got to the bar and were there less than 10 minutes, when a group of five girls walked in. Every one of them was dressed like a stripper or a Playboy bunny. It turns out, Frank was ‘friends’ with these girls and had actually invited them on our date, unbeknownst to me!

Over the next half hour, he did everything in his power to ignore me so he could talk to these girls. And by that, I mean they talked, while he stared at their boobs. Then one of them pulled him on the dance floor and started grinding with him!

I finally got a hold of a friend and asked her to come pick me up. I didn’t say goodbye, I just walked out. While I was about to get in the car, Frank came running out of the bar and tried to stop me from leaving. He actually asked me to stay and apologized for ignoring me. Then he asked when he could see me again. I replied, “Um, let me think... NEVER.”


  1. but he's so good with women

  2. Haha, "um, let me think, NEVER". That is so very witty of you!

    Not! (to lower myself to your level :P)


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