Felons Need Love, Too

Submitted by Steven:

My friend set me up with this guy telling me he was cute and nice.  I texted him for a few days and then agreed to meet for dinner.  I had his name but never did any research on him.  

When I got there he was losing most of his hair, had some bad teeth, reeked of cigarettes, terrible clothes.  I suffered through it because I wanted to be polite since he is a friend of a friend.

While we talked that evening, he told me that ten years ago he was arrested because he got in a fight with his brother and that was causing him trouble getting into school but should be cleared up soon.  At the end of the night he insisted on paying even though I wanted to at least split it since I had no intention of seeing him again.  

When I made it home, I checked the Maryland Case Law Library online (where you can search basic information on people's criminal and civil records).  His was a mile long with multiple convictions and a few years of jail time for assault, domestic violence, theft and other things.  They also weren't just ten years ago but over the last ten years.

When I called the friend who set us up she told me that she never said he was cute but that he was nice and she thought he really needed to go out on a date with someone.  Needless to say, I told her I don't want her to set me up anymore and I am happily single in my 2000 sq ft house that is all to myself... and has locks.


  1. Wow. Good thing you got out of that one! I do feel sorry for you, though. Living alone in a house must be pretty depressing.

  2. Just had to mention that you had a 2000 sq ft home, right? Your date isn't the only one with red flags waving.

  3. So your friend figured this guy with a history of domestic violence 'really needed to go out on a date with someone' for what reason? Does this friend have some kind of vendetta against you, perchance?

  4. Westcanguy seconded. I think the domestic violence record speaks for itself. A weird reference to the size of your home just makes you sound like a materialistic douchebag. Story was good aside from that.


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