Actually, My Win

Submitted by J:

So I met this guy, Ralph, at a club one summer night.  He was 13 years older than me.  I'd never dated an older guy so I decided to give it a try to see if they were any different than the guys my age.  The next weekend, we met up for dinner and a movie.

We were sitting in the theater when he started stroking his leg up and down mine.  Weird. I crossed my legs and leaned away from him so that he couldn't do that anymore.  At the end of the date, I thanked him for the evening and we went our separate ways.  That Monday, he started emailing me.

The emails started innocently enough.  "Hey J... I had a really good time with you and would like to do it again soon."  But they quickly turned into things of a pretty sexual nature... detailing how adept he was with his tongue and how he'd like to show me.  I brushed him off. 

He eventually wrote to say that he hoped I wasn't offended by what he was saying.  I responded with, "No.  It's not like anything is ever going to come of what you've said anyway."  He wrote back to ask me what I meant by that, and I told him that I'm not one to be offended by those things, but I am also not one who will continue to entertain the company of a man who thinks it's okay to say those kinds of things to a woman he's been on one date with.  He replied with the classic burn, "Your loss," and that was the end of it.  Or so I thought.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving... I received a call from none other than Ralph himself.  He said, "Hey J.  I'm calling to wish you happy holidays and to let you know that I'm ready to settle down and you're number one on my list." 

I replied, "Well I think it's best you move on to number two because I'm not interested."  Can you guess his reply?  If you said, "Your loss," you would be correct. 

I stuck with guys my own age after that.


  1. OMG .. thats really bad, i js got stood up today by a younger girl, but its only 2 yrs difference so it aint all that bad is it :D

  2. I've honestly NEVER tried any of those "pick-up" lines on women... and it baffles me everytime I see other men use them. Not always pick-up lines per se, but trying to make sly comments in an attempt to impress somebody.

    Detailing your oral sex plans after ONE date... why would ANY guy think that's going to get them anywhere?!?!?!

  3. I fail to see a real connection between the guy's age and his behavior. Are all older people supposed to be wiser somehow? Or are younger people always more insightful? Honestly I don't get what age has got to do with dude being a jackass.

  4. Hey, the guy's got confidence! It's kind of creepy that he said he wants to "settle down", though, especially after going so long without talking to you.

  5. You go, girl! Sad, though, that some girls will stay with weirdos like this. It must work for him, considering he's still doing it at his older age.


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