Love Bites

Submitted by Rachel:

One of my closest friends introduced me to her friend Henry one evening, and as we all hung out Henry and I really hit it off.  We exchanged numbers so even though we live 3 hours apart, we could keep in contact.  We talked just about every night, so I arranged to meet him for a date the next time I visited my best friend.

Our day started off wonderfully.  We went to a local coffee shop and to a museum, and we talked the whole time.  We got a quick bite to eat, and since it was a beautiful spring day out, we went to a park.  I'm a kid at heart, so my first thought was that we could play on the swings or just take a walk in the sun. 

Henry had other ideas.  He found an awkward spot to sit just out of view of the playground, and began aggressively kissing me.  I don't have a problem with a little making out, but we were out in the middle of an open park where a child could happen upon us at any time.  I had a long skirt on, and he said he could go down on me without anyone ever seeing.  I tried to laugh this off, and drop the hint that I wasn't very comfortable with what was going on, but it took a while to get through to him. 

I'm not sure if he became over-excited during this little session, but he sweetly kissed my wrist, and then very suddenly BIT me.  He chomped right down on my forearm, which didn't hurt but obviously startled me.  I tried to laugh this off also, but made it clear it was time to go.  In the car, he noticed the red mark on my arm, and commented that I bruise easily.  "No," I said, "You bite hard!"

I asked him to drop me off at my nearby friend's house, where I finally said goodbye.  As soon as my friend saw my arm, she asked what had happened.  Upon closer inspection, she said, "I can see his dental records!"  She actually called him and yelled at him for acting like a 3-year-old. 

As the mark settled in over the next couple of days, it looked as though I had been hit with a baseball.  He insisted that he hadn't intended to hurt me and was just being playful, but we haven't seen each other since.


  1. Ouch! What a freak!

    I actually went on a date once with a guy who bit down really, really hard on my ear. I had an industrial piercing at the time and it bled for a while. Then, he did it again.

  2. boonesfarmer10/08/2009 8:04 PM

    You really have to wonder about a guy who wants to make out by a playground! Not cool!

  3. My ex used to love biting down on my fingers and she'd really bite as hard as she could, she drew blood when she cought me on the fingernail once.


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