A Surprise in the Locker Room

Submitted by Erin:

Roger started talking to me at my college's cafeteria.  We were both in one of the same lecture classes and we both went swimming after class each day, although our classes both ended at different times and we didn't usually encounter each other.  He suggested that we synchronize swimming schedules, and I thought he was cool, so we did that for a couple of weeks.  I liked him.  At first.

After each swim, we'd return to our respective locker rooms.  I had a usual locker, but very few of us used locks, although I know that we should have.

One day at the pool he asked me, "Do you like surprises?"

I told him that I did, as long as they were pleasant.  He said, "Noted," and we didn't discuss it anymore.

I expected flowers, maybe a dinner date, maybe bowling, you know, a pleasant surprise.

After a swim one afternoon that next week, some friends and I returned to the locker room, I opened my locker, and ROGER POPPED OUT.

"Surprise!" he shouted.  Every girl screamed, and I shoved him back into the locker and leaned against it.

"Oh my God!" I yelled as the girls everywhere covered up, "Are you fucking insane?"

I couldn't hear him, if he responded at all, and once we had all covered up, I let him out and he went right for the door, without looking any of us in the eye.

What was he expecting to have happen?  That we'd all laugh or surrender ourselves to him?  Or both?

He didn't come by the pool anymore that I saw, but he might have just switched his swimming hours around.  Or maybe he got in trouble.  I didn't report it, but in retrospect, someone probably did.


  1. Ha! Brilliant. Of course he'd have to be barred from the club, but I hope the jape was worth it.


    Actually, thinking about it, does this mean he's now on the sex offenders registrar?

  2. I don't think that was really that bad of a move on roger's part. It may have been a bit forward for you but he took a chance, it didn't work out, oh well. I'm suprised that he didnt try to ask you out again. If at first you don't succeed...

  3. to Anon 2 - He didn't really ask her out and I wouldn't call that "taking a chance." Common sense should say do NOT go into the locker room of the opposite sex. If he wanted to do something silly like that there were better ways to do it.

  4. hahahahahahh this guy sounds awesome!

  5. Yep, he sure does sound awesome! Think about it, he popped out of a locker! I dont think he thought that would end the way it ended.

  6. I've popped out of a locker once... But this was a middle-school locker in a PUBLIC hallway.


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