Racquetballs to the Wall

Submitted by Pete:

Kathleen and I met at a racquetball club in my neighborhood. I asked her to join up with me one time and we became regular partners. She was a grad student and said that racquetball was her one leisure activity.

We went out to dinner a couple of times, and you could say that we were seeing each other. Every now and then, she'd stay at my place, etc.

We were at the racquetball place at closing time one day when the idea of having sex in the enclosed, windowless court struck me. To my surprise, Kathleen went for the idea.

We were unbelievably turned on, and were tangled on the floor when Kathleen suddenly moaned far louder than I was hoping she would.

For safety purposes, the doors to the enclosed courts did not have locks. I tried hurrying, but when you're stressed it's a little tougher, and I just couldn't go faster than it took for a clerk to knock and open the door.

His eyes met mine, then grew to the size of dinner plates. He said, "Oh my God!" and slammed the door shut.

I turned to Kathleen. "We should probably get out of here," I said, but she said, "No. Finish."

So I did, but not before a manager walked in on us as we were hastily pulling our clothes back on.

He said, "Who do you think you are? You're out of here. Now."

On our way out, Kathleen seemed annoyed and said that she would have to find another racquetball place. She seemed miffed at me, and the relationship ended (for an unrelated reason) not too long after.

Still, it was awesome.


  1. Lame! We want bad dates, not stories from evolved, shallow relationships.

  2. this post is useless without pics.

  3. how is this a bad date story?

  4. Sounds like a hot date to me. Worst story here.

  5. ummm....how often do you have sex that you feel so compelled to share? hope she gave you syphillis for that rubbish story


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