Submitted by Nathan:

I met a girl I had talked to on an online dating site at a local sports bar after work one night. She suggested we go grab a table instead of sitting at the bar. Imagine my surprise when the table we moved to had about fifteen other people around it. Come to find out, after the girls decided to go on the date, they called and invited half of their friends. I already felt that this date was going downhill.

Tara left to use the restroom and when she returned she found me chatting with her friend Jessica. She had simply asked me about what I was studying in college and I was answering her. Tara became upset and began texting me, even though we were sittting right next to each other. I became frustrated after "y r u talking to her," "do u like her > me?" and "u r such a JERK" were texted to me. I tried explaining that I was just trying to be nice, but she was inconsolable.

I told Tara I would be leaving and she asked me to stay, apologizing for her behavior. I was so confused by this, I sat back down and ordered another drink. As soon as I had done this, Tara turned away from me to talk to her friends. I finished my beer a few minutes later, said my goodbyes and left.

Tara followed me out and said I had drank too much to drive. I assured her that I had only had a couple of drinks. She offered to let me stay with her, but I was fairly confident in the fact that she was insane and I turned her down. She gave me a kiss and told me to call her. I never had a chance because on the way home, she told me that she wasn't attracted to me, but I was a nice guy and should definitely take her out to dinner sometime. I am a nice guy, but I am not an idiot.


  1. God,
    Chicks can be so ridiculous.

  2. I love "I don't find you attractive, buy me food."

  3. Invites her friends along on a date, and then gets pissed when you don't act like a social retard and make small-talk with them? I know people who try to manufacture drama, but this is absurd.

  4. I don't think I can ever be surprised by the insane things people think will fly with others when they're out on a first date - but thanks for reminding us. Good story.

  5. Wouldn't it be funny if it was really one of her FRIENDS that was texting you this schizoid bull?

    Man, I don't know. Social situations are hard for people to handle, but ladies...please- be honest and try to keep the crazy at bay at least until our crazy shows up.

    Still, crazy. The txting +aggressive accusation/flips reminds me a bit too much of one of my nuttier exes.

  6. The mission sometimes take putting up with crazy and/or drama. Remember make mission first!

  7. U shud of tried to put it up her pooper. Jus 2 play a stupid game w/ her while she plays a stupid game w/ u.

  8. What the hell were YOU doing reading texts while you were out on a date with her?

  9. Sounds to me like she had asked you out in order to make a friend or ex-boyfriend jealous. Then it backfired because she is a frail narcissist.

    Avoid like the plague.

  10. What a psycho woman! It's not exactly a date when you invite your friends along. And texting while right next to you? There is something seriously wrong with her.

  11. Just don't bring friends along on a date. Wow.


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