Check for Your Dignity in There, While You're at It

Submitted by Jenni:

So I met Bob through a mutual friend, and he asked me out for a drink. Being a cute, quiet, medical student I figured I'd see where this would lead. We decided we'd meet at a local bar/lounge.

I get there at 7pm on the dot, and buy myself a drink while I wait for him. Dude rolls in 20 minutes late wearing dirty dark blue Dickie's, a plain black t-shirt that has 2 little holes in it, and doc martins (they still sell those?!?). Now I just over looked it because there is a chance he just needs a woman's touch when it comes to style. He sits down and orders a drink, well a shot. Pounded it back, said its been a long day, and ordered another shot... a double this time around.

He said I looked nice and asked me where I bought my clothes, which was a little odd. I answered and asked him why his day has been such a "long day". We sat there awkwardly staring at each other for about 5 long seconds till he blurted out his whole life story which included a very detailed description of his 3 childhood pet fishes. Intriguing. He must have noticed how poorly this date was going because he nervously started playing with his empty rocks glass and it slipped from his fingers and shattered all over the bar. The bartender laughed at him and made a joke about how he's failing at impressing me. I took this as my cue to excuse myself to the bathroom while the glass gets cleaned up to make it less embarrassing for Bob.

I walk back over to the bar to find that Bob started to go through my clutch that I left on the bar. He had my wallet open and was looking inside at the contents. When I asked him what in the world he was doing, he dropped my wallet on the bar and said "c-c-checking for g-glass in your p-purse". That's when I realized that he had emptied everything, including a tampon, onto the bar. I just stared at him, gathered up all my belongings, finished my drink and we parted ways with a handshake and no further words.


  1. What do you mean "they still sell those?"!! Doc Martens are a cult brand, they're going to be around for at least a few millenia or so.

    Otherwise, great story, I feel kind of sorry for that guy...

  2. you never ever, never, leave your purse/handbag (clutch?).

  3. I'll bet he sniffed your barstool too. Should have asked the bartender about that when you got back.

  4. The medical students always have the potential to be the weird ones. They often times get weeded out as med school progresses.

  5. What's wrong with Doc Martens? Someone is stuck up huh?

  6. As a medical student, he just wanted to make sure you didn't get hurt..."First do no harm"... wass wrong wid dat?

  7. People baffle me. Even if he thought you wouldn't come out that soon, isn't it safe to assume that the bartender may have informed you about what he had been doing?

  8. Don't knock the Docs.


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