But at Least He Gave Great Massages

Submitted by Alan:

I worked with a woman named Betsy, and after some on-the-job chatting, and semi-flirting, we went on a date.

She wanted to drive, so we had a nice leisurely drive up to the lake. 

The setting:  It was dark, and the stars were shining and reflecting off of the lake, and we're looking at them through the moon-roof.  It was very peaceful and romantic.  When I commented about the romantic state of things, she said, "It reminds of the the time my ex-boyfriend tried to kill me."

Needless to say the ride home was quiet.  Very quiet.  I was actually a bit worried that she might try to avenge that event with the nearest guy (your humble narrator).  Our conversations at work were never quite the same, and we never went out again.


  1. Oh, wow. Aren't you the sensitive one?

  2. What is her number? I like the sounds of her...

  3. Poor woman! She's got some justifiable trust issues here. Maybe she was trying to open up to you about a bad period in her life?

  4. Maybe the reason her ex boyfriend tried to kill her was she wouldn't let him bang her and she learned her lesson and this was her way of telling you that it was ok to bang her in which case you missed out on getting a free bang from a hot chick at work.

  5. You were being tested as to your sensitivity. You failed miserably.

  6. Stereotypical psycho woman. Who cares if she was testing him on his sensitivity? She's obviously coo coo bananas.


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