Can You Tell Me What Can I Get for $25?

Submitted by Fiona:

I was registered with a dating website and after a string of really dull dates I ended up going on a date with a guy called Steve. He had obviously lied on his profile about his height as I was able to see straight over his head. This wasn't what bothered me though. We were in a bar chatting away, all the while I was thinking what a self obsessed idiot he was, when he said something which totally shocked me....

"So, shall we go and get some dinner, I'll pay"

"Oh yes, that would be really nice thank-you"

"Well you'll have to give me a blow-job first"

To which I had a go at him and told him he was a complete sexiest asshole....and then came the second thing to totally shock me....

"I'm really not having a good time, I mean for £50 and any woman I could have a whale of a time"

"Well" I replied "Why don't you go and do that then"

"Here's £50"

"Go f*** yourself" I left him sitting there totally gobsmacked. He sent me a bundle of text messages apologising but I didn't even give him the time of day to reply.


  1. You lost that one, and he had fun on you. It was a way to say he didn't like you either, and you fell for it. Just saying F-you won't raise your morale in such situations. Maybe a kick in the groin! lol

  2. I agree. A nice kick in the cunt for getting caught leading a guy on for a free meal.

    How quickly she went from sullen ("thinking what a self obsessed...") to sweet and polite.

    You *are* a whore, you just seem to think you deserve without providing.

    PS: I bet he wasn't gobsmacked at the end. He was laughing at you, wasn't he?

  3. What is wrong with you people?

  4. I don't understand how any of you could think that this guy was justified in saying any of that. Even if you believe that this woman is whoring herself out for the free dinner, this behavior is totally uncalled for. She was already on the date, so going to dinner was probably already an option or already part of the plan. Would it have been better for her to tell the guy she just met that she wasn't interested? Then you would say that she was a shallow bitch for not giving the guy a chance.
    No one deserves to be treated like that.

  5. What's wrong with you people? She says *no* to giving a guy a blowjob in exchange for dinner and that makes her a whore? Damn, what would you be saying if she had said "sure"? Then the guy offers her money? That dude is lucky. I think that she should have said "No. But give me $100," taken as much of his money as she could, and then said that she had a headache and gone home.

  6. If you gave him a beejer and ate his spooge then you wouldn't have been hungry any more and wouldn't have wanted to go to dinner so he would have saved £50 and gotten a beejer.

    What you should have done was told him to put it up your poo hole. Then when you go to dinner you would have still had an appetite.

  7. Why would you want to go out to dinner with him? Because he would pay.

    Why wouldn't you want to go out to dinner with him? Because he is a self-obsessed idiot.

    So, your greed to get a free dinner from someone you are already disgusted with won out over your self-respect?

    Maybe he could tell you were not at all into him (looking over his head the entire time?) and decided to test you to see if you would stifle that lack of attraction in exchange for a free meal. You fell for it...

  8. I'm sorry, but what was she supposed to say to that? I probably would have reacted in the same way.

  9. ""No. But give me $100,""

    £50 = $73.24 US


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