iCame. iSaw. iStole.

Submitted by Ryan:

Patricia and I go to the same college and she invited herself over to my room one night for drinks.  I thought she was cool, being forward and all, but she didn't seem interested in doing anything dirty and she didn't stay too long.  Then I noticed it.

My iPod was gone.

I had left it on the table in the living room and it was missing.  I busted through my door and chased her down the road.  She actually started running away when she saw me but I caught up with her.

"Hey!  Where's my iPod?"

Then she said, "Oh my God!  I thought it was mine!" and handed it back to me.

I'm not inviting her over again.


  1. Haha! I've heard about this type of thing happening, only usually the guy is waking up to an empty bed (and consequently, dresser) after a good night.
    This girl just went straight in for the kill.

  2. @Caitlin: Maybe he's not even worth the effort! lol

  3. you desearved it mate XD i've DONE that
    it's usually when i get invited back to his place, though we've just met that day.
    i am a complete stranger, yet you invite me to your home? after a few shots, a small make out, he passes out and i make out with a few things :3 usually just small things, DVDs ive been wanting to see or books ive been wanting to read.
    trust me guys/girls. if s/he is reeeeally into having anouther drink, s/he has ulterior motives lol

  4. Sticky fingers sure is fast.

  5. Hey "you desearved it" having sex isn't a crime, some women even want it on the first meeting, stealing someone's expensive electronics is, and so is taking their books and movies.

  6. If a chick lets me teabag her on the first date she can totally have my ipod. Shuffle, I mean. She wants my Touch she's gonna have to gimme some hershey highway you know what I mean.

  7. Lol! Wow, good thing you realized it fast enough! I thought the funniest part was how she started running.

  8. Anon 4:04 I don't know what's worse, The fact that you're proud of stealing or the fact that you're openly admitting to it. Either way it's low class scum like you that makes me on guard and never have anyone i've just met over my house. If you're going to act welfare all threwout life, you're going to get treated like welfare. Looked down opon.


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