Crouching Tiger, Insane Dragon

Submitted by Grace:

After several fun dates, Kyle and I were at his apartment cuddling on the couch. As we sat there, he made a comment to me about how he was "magical."

Thinking this was some sort of sexual innuendo, I hesitantly asked him what sort of magical qualities he had. He paused for a long moment and then timidly responded, "I'm a dragon."

"You're a dragon?" I asked, thinking this was some sort of slang I wasn't familiar with.

He confirmed that he was in fact referring to the mythical beast before explaining to me that he was one of the few dragons left in the world and that they hide in human bodies to avoid detection. He said that if people knew what he really was, they would kill him and all the other dragons. He explained that the dragon tattoo on his arm was a signal of his true form.

I kept waiting for the punchline, but he was completely serious. I sat in silence for a few moments, trying to absorb this revelation and then asked him if he had any other magical qualities (hoping still that this was some elaborate joke).

"Yes," he told me soberly. "I discovered last year during a volleyball game that I can control the wind with my mind."

I stared at him incredulously for a moment before suddenly "remembering" an early appointment the next day and racing for the door. Yikes!


  1. Why didn't you ask to see some of his Magical talents? I am sure a hidden dragon in human form still has some magic they can use. I say you should have given him the chance to prove himself before disbelieving his tale. =)

  2. Haha, that reminds me of a creepy guy I knew in high school who claimed he was psychic and could control random elements.

  3. Maybe, he was a Dragon? Ever think about that? :)

  4. I agree with Matt Brown - you never know...

  5. Is this the same dude you chuckled about in the computer lab or have I got your identity wrong and you just ripped this off Ubersite?

    Which is cool and all, it's still a good story.

  6. Ummmm... I sent this in.

    I'm not sure what Ubersite is or what "computer lab" guy you're referring to, but unfortunately this story is sadly (and creepily) true. I don't know if he actually had the balls to share his "true identity" with someone else or if it just coincidentally sounds like another story.

    In fact, if there are other dragons masquerading as humans in the dating world, I think I'm going to maintain my single status for as long as possible.

  7. Did he go by Trogdor the Burninator?

  8. he must have been trogdor. after all, "Trogdor was a man."


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