Odd Girl Out

Submitted by Nick:

My friends and I were throwing a party last summer and we had invited my friend's coworker, Maria, and a few of her friends along. She wanted to set me up with her friend Nicole, so the party was also a blind date sort of thing.

Things were normal at first, and the two of us were flirting and talking. But as the night wore on, Nicole started getting seriously annoying. Every so often, she walked away and sat alone until someone talked her into returning to the party. I asked her friends about it and it turned out that she was walking off whenever some random little thing inexplicably upset her, and she wanted attention.

I got tired of playing her immature game so I eventually just ignored it and tried to enjoy the party. At some point we were all sitting around in a circle having a good time, when she got up and stood in the corner of the garage we were in, and just stared at us, pouting. I went over and tried to talk to her, but she just ignored me and continued pouting. So I gave up and left her in the corner.

She pulled out her phone and texted Maria, who was several feet away talking with the rest of us. Maria told me that Nicole wanted me to talk to her. At some point, Nicole also got my number and started texting me as well, even though I was only a few feet away.

The next day, I received more text messages from her, asking if I'd be her boyfriend. I told her that I didn't want a relationship and I asked her to stop texting me, but she kept it up for several hours after I stopped responding.

A few days later, my friend and I went to a movie. He invited Maria along and five minutes before she got there, he got a text from her saying that she had a "surprise."

She showed up with Nicole, of course. When we got into the theater and I sat by my friend instead of her, she sat down in the front row alone until Maria convinced her to sit by us.

Nicole then texted me, asking why I hated her and then told me that she wanted to make out. I told her that she has acted like a baby and that I didn't want to see her again.

Finally, she gave up and her friends gave me a guilt trip for a week.


  1. After reading several bad date stories on this website, including this one, it occurs to me that the website could also be titled: "A Case of Dating the Childish and Self-Centered Among Us, the Semi-Mentally Ill, or the Full-Blown Mentally-Ill."

  2. shoulda hit it and quit it. it seemed just too easy to pass up :) that took some will power.

  3. Ano1; I think perspective comes into this a little. We're looking at a second hand account of a date from the perspective of someone who has specifically posted it on a website called "A Bad Case of the Dates". It is inevitable that the authour is going to paint a very negative picture of the antagonist in their story, whether it is a truthful portrayal or not.

    It's like if a woman posts a story about how the date went great but she was hearing this strange growling sound. Then moans about how at the end the guy said "You are so boring that I have been clawing at the table in despair. You're so tedious that it has been an almost spiritual experience."

    When she tells the story he's going to make him look the arsehole. And maybe he is, you know? It's all about perspective.

    Personally I'm just here to have a laugh.

  4. I think the last poster was the girl in question...

    And I'm here laughing at both of them..

  5. "WHy didn't you invite her in and hit it?"

    No I doubt that. Why would you hit it?

  6. Are you sure she wasn't just mildly autistic?

  7. And how old are you exactly? This does not make sense. At all.

  8. This sounds like it was posted by a 16yo...


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