Oven and Done With

Story Sent in by Jackson:

Sasha and I were out on our very first date and we asked ourselves a string of questions about each other. It was very much like "truth or dare" without the dare part. Then Sasha upended things by saying, "Dare me to do something."

I said, "Uh... what should I dare you to do?" It was a first date and I figured she wouldn't be comfortable doing something sexy.

She said, "I dunno. Dare me to eat a whole pizza."

She was a very slender girl and I didn't think she'd be able to eat two slices, let alone eight. I said, "I dare you to eat a whole pizza."

She led me to a nearby pizzeria, ordered a large cheese pizza, and asked me to pay for it. She said, "If I'm eating the whole thing for you, you've gotta pay for this."

I paid, the pizza came out, and she did indeed eat the entire thing, slice by slice. I couldn't believe it. Then she said, "Dare me to eat a dozen garlic rolls."

"No," I said, fearing for her intestines.

She said, "Then I get to dare you something: I dare you to go stick your head in that pizza oven." She pointed to the metal pizza oven behind the counter.

I said, "I'm not going to do that."

She yelled, "I just ate a whole pizza for you! And you won't do this for me?"

I said, "One of those two things puts one of us in immediate life-or-death danger."

She said, "I'm gonna be on the toilet all night, thanks to you! And you seriously won't do this for me? Even for a second?"

"I'm sorry. No."

Sasha clammed up after that. We walked out of the pizza place together but then she hurried off on her own, so I guess the date was over. Thankfully.

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  1. I imagine the honeymoon would have ended with her daring you to step close to the edge of a very high and steep mountain as she edged ever closer.


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