And You Two Deserve Each Other

Story Sent in by Elle:

Charlie and I had been together for several months. We'd frequently stay over at each other's places and had settled into a cozy, fun routine. Sometimes, he'd be away on business trips for a few days at a time and I'd stay over at his apartment. One time, when he returned, I surprised him with some play harnesses we could use to tie each other up. Charlie was into it immediately.

That first night we had some fun. We started with him tying me up and then I tied him up. We enjoyed ourselves and we fell asleep, exhausted.

The next day, I had to be out early for work so I hurried out of bed, threw on clothes, made enough breakfast for both of us, and left him sleeping.

I sent him some flirty texts during the day and he didn't respond, which was a little unusual. But he was probably busy and I'd be seeing him that evening, so I wasn't really concerned.

When I came home, I went into my bedroom. There he was, his arms and legs still tied up from the night before. In my morning haste, I had forgotten to free him. And he was dead.

Kidding! He was really hungry and thirsty, though. And he had peed the bed. I freed him immediately and he ran for the bathroom. Then I made him a quick meal.

He put on some clothes, ate what I made him, drank all the grape juice I had in the fridge, thanked me, and said, "I got my revenge on you. See you soon," and then left in a hurry.

I wasn't sure what he was talking about until I stepped into my bathroom. A horrible odor almost knocked me off my feet. He hadn't used the toilet at all. He had used my shower as a toilet. Gross! That was going a bit overboard, but thankfully I never forgot to untie him again, he never crapped in my shower again, and now we're married.


The next story will be posted on Tuesday.


  1. Deja-poo...I think I read a story like this before.

  2. Um..

    "Getting revenge" isn't usually a good thing in someone you want to marry, but sure.

  3. Today we learned that OP is bad at aftercare.

    OP, if you tie someone up, you're supposed to untie them and massage/rub their shoulders, thighs, or other strained muscles after. I'm surprised Charlie could even walk or move around after being held in one place for so long.

  4. "Mommy, why wasn't Daddy at my game?"

    "Fuck! He's....uh...a little tied up."

  5. Romantic in a warped way, but I would never tie up my partner

  6. So cute. A happy ending for wince... I mean, once.


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