Not Okay

Story Sent in by Phillipe:

Jo and I were out to dinner together on our first date. We were eating our pasta when she accidentally kicked my leg under the table. She apologized and I said it was okay.

She then kicked me again, two more times. Hard. I must have shouted some expletive and she said, "You said it was okay! Why would you say it was okay if it wasn't okay?"

"I was forgiving you for kicking me. Not giving you the green light to kick me again. Are you some stupid child?"

"No!" she shouted, then slammed a fist into her own pasta. spattering it all over her hand, the table, and even her nice blouse. She then stood up and stormed to the restroom. I hoped that she wouldn't come back to cause a further scene, but she outdid my hopes and didn't come back at all. On the downside, when I returned to my truck after finishing dinner, she had covered the hood and the driver's side door with shaving cream.


  1. Sigh... just another representation of the Kick Culture perpetuated by the Matriarchy...

  2. She had shaving cream sitting around?

  3. Also, two posts/week.. ugh. I'm not sure reducing content is the way to get more patrons.

  4. OP, you're only supposed to date other adults. No more trolling for dates with children.

  5. I completely agree. I only check in once about every 2 weeks now. Pretty soon I'll forget to check in altogether. Sorry, Jarrrred.

    1. Don't apologize to me. Unless you're the one making ad rates plummet. In that case, apologize to me.


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