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Story Sent in by Dahlia:

David had on his profile that he was a certified massage therapist. We sent some emails back and forth and then met in person in front of a restaurant.

The first thing he said when he met me was, "Your back looks all out of shape. I should massage you."

I'm not sure how he could tell anything about my back (which was fine, by the way). I was in a blouse and dress and nothing about me suggested that anything was wrong with my back.

I said, "My back feels fine but thanks for the offer."

He said, "I know a busted back when I see one. Let me massage you. For just five minutes."

I had only just met him, and although we had spoken for a bit online beforehand, I wasn't about to let him touch my back. I said, "No, thanks. Let's have dinner."

He said, "Bad backs lead to every kind of health problem imaginable. Heart attacks, strokes, incapacitation. Do you want all that? In just five minutes I can cure you."

Again I said, "Let's just have dinner," and I made for the front door.

He then said, "You'll thank me," and then pressed his hands against my back.

I spun around and screamed, "Get off me!" He bolted for his car, jumped in, and drove off.

He emailed me shortly afterward to tell me that he couldn't see himself dating someone who was so cavalier about her physical health. I replied that I couldn't see myself dating someone who assaults women. Needless to say, that concluded our relationship.


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