Too Many Balls

Story Sent in by Eduardo:

Cassie was a single mom who I met online. Her kid, Gary, was nice but very quiet. In contrast, Cassie was loud, gregarious, and always seemed to be the center of attention - and she loved that. She was funny and a great lover, so I kept her around a bit longer than I should have.

Never was that more obvious than when we went to one of Gary's Little League baseball games. Gary was shortstop and the other team was up by two in the fifth inning. I didn't really care if Gary's team won or lost because it was just a Little League game.

Not Cassie, though. She was the loudest shouter from the stands. But it was more than cheers of support for her son. It was screams of derision against Gary's team's pitcher, himself about Gary's age and, if I may say, not too bad at pitching. But Cassie was relentless. She yelled and shouted at the poor pitcher, who to his credit, ignored her completely.

It was after a player on the opposing team hit a home run (this after the pitcher had landed two strike-outs) that Cassie couldn't take it anymore.

"That does it!" she snapped, then stormed down the bleachers and actually onto the field toward the pitcher's mound. She towered over this poor kid and yelled right into his face. I couldn't hear everything she said, but I'm sure it was something along the lines of, "Why can't you pitch better? Why am I getting so worked up about this? Am I insane?" and so forth.

Two umpires ran up to her and basically had to drag her off the field. Someone near me said, "Call the cops," and for a moment I wondered (and maybe hoped) that Cassie would be leaving the game in the back of a squad car. I was well over her, at this point. And I felt terrible for the pitcher and for Gary.

I didn't see where the umps ushered Cassie, but not long afterward Gary was called off the field and didn't return. It seemed as though he had left with Cassie, and without a word to me. I had taken public transit there so it wasn't like I had depended on Cassie for a ride home. But I figured after that incident, I'd wait to see if she'd contact me to explain herself or apologize or really anything. She didn't. I still think about Gary and hope he's okay.


  1. Cassie definitely has some anger issues, but you don't sound like a fantastic person yourself OP.


    1. Why? Because of the "I kept her around a bit longer than I should have"?

      To me sounded pretty decent guy.

    2. Eh, he sounds like he's saying "I could do better, but she was good in the sack so I kept her around."

      Also, if you're gonna date a single mom, you might wanna make sure you care about her kid.

    3. ^ This is why. Date the mom, but don't get involved in the kid's life unless you are planning on sticking around.

    4. Hmm... I see your point, I've got to admit that I personally interpreted it as "there were red flags that they were unhinged before but I ignored those flags because they were funny and the sex was great".

      So less of "I could do better", more like "I can't believe I couldn't see it coming that this would end with her in the back of a squad car."

      Maybe I have too much faith in humanity :P Same with the last sentence, he specifically mentions he thinks about Gary, not that he thinks about her and Gary, so I'd hazard a guess from extremely limited information that he did care for Gary even though he wasn't his.

  2. Good! Someone mentioned cops, and we get red flags in the comments… Someone please throw in lawyers and checklist so that we don't have to deal with messy human situations!


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