Jurassic Lark

Story Sent in by Morgan:

My friend's sister set me up with Nick. We texted for a few weeks and then he invited me to get coffee and go to the college library so he could show me some of his favorite books, as he was really into science and fossils.

The library he wanted to meet at was a law library. We met and he told me he wanted to show me dinosaur books. He led me to where he thought they'd be, but probably because it was a law library, they weren't there. He then stomped up and down the aisles. I suggested he talk to a librarian.

We went to the desk and he asked where all the dinosaur books were. The librarian pointed out this was a law library and that there was a science library as well as a general library within walking distance. Nick gave her a blank stare so she searched on the computer and somehow was able to find two dinosaur-related books.

We went to find them. Nick said, "I know there are a lot more dinosaur books! The librarian is lying."

I reminded him that this was a law library and that we might have better luck at the other libraries. He replied, "No! I know she's lying. She hates me because I'm a man."

I should have left at that point, but instead I suggested we go for coffee.

At the coffee house, I ordered a white mocha and Nick asked for a mint latte. As luck would have it they were out of mint syrup. He settled on a vanilla latte.

"Would you like sugar?" the barista asked.

Nick said, "No!" and mumbled at the floor.

We got our drinks and sat down. Nick said, "The barista is lying! I know they have mint syrup. I ordered one last week."

I didn't feel like explaining to a grown man what it meant to run out of a product, so I tried to change the subject. But he ignored me and continued on. "Why is she so nosy? Asking if I want sugar? She must think I'm out of shape and want a lot of sugar."

I knew it was finally time to leave so I said I needed to get home. Nick likely decided to go back to the law library to find more dinosaur books.


  1. Yep, that's what I thought too...

  2. Nick seems like the kind of guy who goes around telling everyone what a nice guy he is, and lamenting the fact that nobody will sleep with him even though he's super nice to people.

  3. I assume this is when you told your friend over the phone, "Really? Do you really think I'm so desperate to be with someone that I'd go for someone like this? Never set me up on another date."


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